Welcome to the Nosgalor blog!
My name is Michel Dijkstra, creator of Leviathan’s Sword.
This blog series will cover all of the technical aspects of the game, as well as some game design problems we ran into.

For those who don’t know; Leviathan’s Sword is a pirate themed, melee focussed, bullet hell, loot collecting roguelite.
The game has many unique items and combinations, as well as a fully fletched dungeon generator.
Explore different types of ships with unique enemies, battle against famous pirate lords, become the master of the sea and find Leviathan’s Sword.

Our team currently consists of 5 people;
Me: programmer & designer
Robin: Sprite artist
Devin: SFX artist
Oliver: Sound artist
Christien: Storyteller
And an animator soon to join!

Incase you haven’t already, join us live via Discord or follow us on Twitter with the media links on the website.
Hope you’ll like the blog!

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